Transactions and Sales

450,000 transactions and sales of $55 million.

Manual Processes and High Failure Rates

Dependence on manual processes, leading to high error rates.

Inventory shortage

Frequent inventory shortage issues.

Limited Inventory Management

Inventory flows managed through Excel and emails.

Identified Bottlenecks

New bottlenecks identified, such as in the warehouse.

Implementation of OMNIX

With the introduction of OMNIX, WOM underwent a significant transformation in its sales processes.

OMNIX allowed:

Inventory Management Automation

Automated inventory management to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Automation of Accounting and Warehouse Flows

Automated accounting and warehouse flows to optimize operations.

After OMNIX Results

After the implementation of OMNIX in the first quarter, WOM achieved impressive results.

Increase in Transactions and Sales

1.3 million transactions and $156 million in sales.

Reducción de personal:

Reducción del 15% en el número de empleados.

Increase in New Sales

20% increase in new sales.

Reducción de Escasez de Stock:

50% reduction in stockouts.

Improvement in Customer Service

Improvement in NPS and reduction in complaints related to delivery delays.

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