Proposed Solution with OMNIX
Results and Benefits
Conclusion and Future Outlook

Flows to Implement:

- Inventory Optimization.

- Real-time inventory availability.

- Efficient returns management.

- Ease of in-store pickup or merchandise shipping.

- Cross-selling between stores.

- In-store inventory picking.

- Intelligent order splitting.

Operational Improvements:

Increase in sales between 30% and 67% across all its brands.

Inventory Efficiency:

Significant reduction in safety stock.

Customer Satisfaction:

Improvement in the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Process Optimization:

Reduction of manual processes, increasing operational efficiency.

Implementation Strategy:

The implementation of OMNIX was a challenge, completed in just 5 weeks. It integrated with key systems of the company such as ERP, TMS, WMS, demand forecasting systems, after-sales, 27 websites, and marketplaces, with a dedicated team of 10 people.

OMNIX generated a significant impact on the company, becoming a competitive advantage in its industry.

This success case has served as a reference in the market, demonstrating the effectiveness of OMNIX in transforming and improving business operations.

To this day, those who worked on the process share their implementation story and the impact it had.

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