Solution and Results
Implementation Strategy
Conclusion and Future Outlook

Flows to Implement:

- Inventory Optimization.

- Route Orchestration.

- Fleet Capacity Orchestration.

- Implementation Time: 8 months.

Operational and Service Improvements

-Significant increase in processed orders, reaching +40%.

- 30% reduction in direct labor in processes.

- 60% increase in NPS, reflecting higher customer satisfaction.

- Increased confidence level of customers in Logytech's services.

- Successful integration with external suppliers for order management.

Analysis and Configuration:

Evaluation of current processes and configuration of OMNIX to adapt to Logytech's specific needs.

Integration and Training:

Integrate OMNIX with existing systems and train the staff in its use.

Continuous Optimization:

Continuous monitoring and adjustment of processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Innovation in Logistics:

Logytech establishes itself as a leader in logistics innovation, significantly improving its operations and services.

Sustainable Growth:

With OMNIX, Logytech strengthens its ability to handle a higher volume of operations efficiently, supporting its expansion and consolidating its position in the market.

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