Proposed Solution with OmnixROM
Expected Results and Benefits
Conclusion and Future Outlook

Flows to Implement:

Efficient Rollout:
Management from site acquisition to physical progress control and inventory allocation.

Integrated Operation:
Integration with NOC systems and use of AI to predict and manage operational variables.

Proactive Maintenance:
Control of tickets, maintenance providers, contracts, and service level agreements (SLAs).

Implementation Strategy:

OmnixROM was implemented in close collaboration with the client's technical team, adapting the platform to their specific network infrastructure needs.

Integration with existing systems and staff training were completed within a 6-month timeframe, ensuring a smooth and effective transition.

Deployment Time Reduction: OmnixROM has demonstrated a 50% reduction in infrastructure deployment time.

Maintenance Cost Reduction:
Maintenance costs were reduced by 20%, optimizing operational efficiency.

Service Quality Improvement:
A 10% improvement in service quality due to proactive and predictive management.

OmnixROM has established itself as an essential tool in the industry's transformation towards 5G technology.

Its flexibility and adaptability ensure its relevance in the future, as network technology and market needs continue to evolve.

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