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Consolidation in Latin America and Global Reach

OMNIX established strategic alliances in Mexico and Brazil, securing contracts exceeding 6 million dollars and attracting major multinational companies from various sectors. This year reflects not only the growth of OMNIX but also its ability to adapt and thrive in diverse markets, solidifying its position as an expert in business disruption automation.

Expansion of Horizons and Exponential Growth

With a clear focus on implementation through third parties, OMNIX achieved a remarkable 50% growth in its Monthly Recurring Revenue towards the end of the year. The partnership with Plug and Play and its supply chain division, along with admission to Accenture's program in the USA, highlights this year as a period of expansion and consolidation.



Total Dedication and First Fruits

This year marked a turning point, with the founders fully dedicating themselves to OMNIX and establishing key alliances for growth. The first implementations were carried out, laying the groundwork for the company's future success.

Validation Phase and Strategic Expansion

In a strategic move, OMNIX focused on validating its initial proposal, adjusting it to meet market demands and customer expectations. The entry of Wayra, part of the Telefónica group, not only provided capital but also was a decisive step towards consolidation in the telecommunications market.

2019 - 2020

Q3 2018 - Q2 2019

Start-up and Strategic Foundation

In this initial phase, OMNIX, following a pragmatic and strategic approach, laid the groundwork for its future expansion, focusing efforts on construction and initial design. The investment came from both the founders and a key contribution from Corfo, demonstrating a tangible commitment to the project.

Aaron Cassorla
Aaron Cassorla
Visionary CEO +

Industrial Civil Engineer UDP,
MBA UPC , G100 board member

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Enzo fighetti
Enzo Fighetti
COO Integrator +

Civil Engineering and Master's
Degree in Operations
Management UDP, MBA UPC,

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Ewing vargas
Edwin Vargas
CTO + Co-Founder

Systems Engineer Universidad
Autónoma del Caribe MBE TI, U.
De Chile

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Jorge Belmar
Jorge Belmar
PM Co-Founder

Industrial Civil Engineer and
Master’s Degree in
Electricity Pontificia Universidad
Católica de Chile

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Join our vibrant professional team

As we expand our presence in new markets worldwide, we are also looking to expand our team in different areas. If you are passionate about digital transformation, if you are interested in working in a challenging environment, and being part of a growing company, OMNIX is the place for you.

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